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About the Energy and Equity Portal

About the Energy and Equity Portal

Energy is a foundational concept of physics and plays an integral role in a web of sociocultural realities, economic issues, and public policies. The Energy and Equity Portal supports high school teachers in teaching a robust model of energy, grounded in the NGSS, and also intentionally constructed to support engagement with current sociopolitical issues. Using the resources and community provided in the Portal, teachers explore energy learning as a means for promoting discussions of energy justice and energy equity globally and in our local communities. By developing a model of energy in physics that is fully aware of how science is sociocultural, teachers and students create science concepts informed by their cultural worlds and educational priorities. Check out the classroom-ready teaching tools and enjoy a dynamic and compassionate professional learning community!

What can I do with the Energy and Equity Portal?

  • Find relevant materials for teaching energy and equity as part of a high school physics course
  • Contribute & review teaching materials
  • Join a growing community of teachers committed to innovative high school physics teaching
  • Find support for learning about new pedagogies and content

We aim to be not just a repository of online instructional resources, but a thriving community working on educational change. We intend for the Energy and Equity Portal to develop a thriving community that:

  • communicates with one another regularly,
  • seeks support from one another,
  • provides support to one another, and
  • uses these tools to sustain constructive professional collaborations.

Who can I contact if I have more questions about the Energy and Equity Portal?

Email us at

Who created the Energy and Equity Portal?

The design and structure of the Energy and Equity Portal is based on the Living Physics Portal, designed and built by the Living Physics Portal team.

How is the Energy and Equity Portal funded?

The Energy and Equity Portal is funded through a National Science Foundation grant (award no. 1936601). All resources on the Energy and Equity Portal are free to use.

Statement on Seattle Pacific University policies

The Energy and Equity project supports the students, faculty, and staff of SPU who are working to overturn anti-LGBTQ+ policies imposed by the SPU board against the wishes of the majority of the SPU community. To support legal fees for the SPU protest fund, donate here: