Integrating Energy, Equity, and Place in High School Physics





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Kara Gray

Pedagogical Methods Used

Peer Instruction / Think-Pair-Share, Conceptually-oriented activities, Guided inquiry, Tutorials

Education Research and Pedagogy Expertise

1. Supporting teachers to change the way they think about and teach energy. This includes thinking about how to integrate equity into their energy instruction. 2. Supporting undergraduates to learn how to teach their near peers.

Years teaching physics


Describe the courses that you teach

Most of my physics courses are focused on conceptual physics. I teach a two-quarter long physics course for future elementary teachers. I also teach a physics course for non-science majors who need to fulfill a general education requirement.

What is your approach to integrating equity into physics instruction?

My focus is on helping students recognize the ways that their physics understanding can help them understand topics in their everyday lives and can help them fight for change in their community.

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