Integrating Energy, Equity, and Place in High School Physics

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Lane Seeley

Pedagogical Methods Used

Peer Instruction / Think-Pair-Share, Collaborative problem-solving, Conceptually-oriented activities, Context-rich problems, Ranking tasks, Project-based learning, Guided inquiry, SCALE-UP / studio / workshop physics

Educational Interests

My educational research primarily focuses on student ideas and understanding of sociopolitically relevant energy scenarios.

Describe the courses that you teach

I teach an introductory physics course which all students take at my school. I also teach a second year, advanced physics course which about 40% of our students take.

What does it mean to you to integrate science and equity?

I strive to sustain a classroom learning community in which students feel safe and supported as they engage with challenging scientific, social and political topics.

What else would you like to share with others in this learning community?

I am an editor for the Energy and Equity Vetted Library. I really enjoy working with colleagues to explore the physics, pedagogical strategies and equity connections of the activities that they share on portal.

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Backtracking your personal energy use

Remote Learning, Instructor supplement, In-class activity, Lecture materials, Project

Provides students with a chance to explore the scientific, geographical and anthropological legacy of an energy resource they depend on.

History of Inequity and Injustice, Culturally Responsive Teaching, Climate Change, Personal Energy Use, Energy and Land Use, Place-based Education, Colonialism

Energy Transfer, Energy Transformation (Conversion), Kinetic Energy, Thermal Energy, Gravitational Energy, Chemical Energy, Electrostatic Energy, Radiation Energy, Renewable Energy , Fossil Fuels, Nuclear Energy, Electrical Energy Generation, Energy Storage, Energy Infrastructure, Food Energy, Personal Energy Use, Energy and Land Use, Negative Environmental Impacts, Land Use

Lane Seeley

Heat pumps, air conditioning, energy equity and climate justice

Remote Learning, Instructor supplement, In-class activity, Lecture materials, Homework, Project

Students explore the energy story of heat pumps and air conditioners then consider implications for energy equity and climate justice

Climate Change, Structural Inequity, Race, None

Conservation of Energy

Lane Seeley

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