Integrating Energy, Equity, and Place in High School Physics


Summer Workshop 2021

August 9, 2021 at 9:00am - August 20, 2021 at 2:00pm Pacific Time

Integrating Energy, Equity, and Place in High School Physics:
A live online continuing education course

This work will take place in a fun, positive learning community that welcomes high school teachers who will bring diverse expertise in physics, equity, and inclusion. The course will model best practices for engaged distance learning from a science disciplinary perspective. Participants will enjoy a dynamic and compassionate professional learning community, and be energized for the upcoming academic year.

Who: High school physics teachers 

When: August 9—20, 2021,  Daily synchronous (live) meetings from 9—11 AM and 12—2 PM PT (12—2 PM and 3—5 PM ET)

Co-Primary Facilitators: W. Tali Hairston, Equitable Development LLC and Kara Gray, Department of Physics, Seattle Pacific University

Master Teacher: Sel Bariamichael, Seattle Urban Academy


Water in Student Communities

Project, Instructor supplement, Video

A place-based water unit from a chemistry course in an agricultural community

Structural Inequity, Climate Change, Poverty and Economic Injustice



Molly German

Connecting your Actions to the amount of CO2 released.

In-class activity, Project, Instructor supplement

How much CO2 is released because of eating corn? Beef? How is this connected to your daily life? Students make a video once they find out!

Health Care, Poverty and Economic Injustice, Climate Change, Greenhouse Gasses



James Panzer

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